Gymna Trio plus Advanced

Gymna Trio plus Advanced
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A 3-section treatment couch in the purest form – stable and functional.

Extremely versatile treatment table : sitting, lying, lumbar flexion, Trendelenburg, manual traction, etc. 

Guarantees years of problem-free support for your manipulations.

  • 3-section support surface, suitable for most basic positions.
  • Adjustable middle section for the best possible position of the spinal column in flexion. 
  •  Head support can be adjusted positively and negatively, and can also be adjusted almost fully downwards.
Leg section also suitable for use as a back support. 
Standard equipment: 
  • Adjustable middle section
  • Central wheel-lifting mechanism with 4 casters
  • All sections gas spring supported
  • Gymna Stability Profile (G.S.P.)
  • Non-slip feet
  • Cushions with padding of 40 mm
  • Breathing hole in head section, incl. cushion
  • Original Skai®, choice of 8 colours
  • Prepared for hip traction support
  • Prepared for shoulder traction supports
Optional accessories:
  • Paper roll holder, attaches to undercarriage
  • Paper rolls, (set of 12)
  • Extra footswitch for height adjustment
  • Hand switch for height adjustment
  • Traction support for hips or shoulder
  • Foot brace
  • Gynaecological leg supports
  • AutoTrac + attachment frame
  • Terry-cloth covers, stretch material
  • Electric adjustable middle section
  • Brackets for fastening straps
  • Cushions 60cm wide
  • Cushions 80cm wide
10 kg
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