Gymna Osteoflex Advanced

Gymna Osteoflex Advanced
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The showpiece treatment couch. Particularly suitable for those who concentrate on treatment of the spinal column.

Osteoflex Advanced - Ideal for the specialist yet can be used in every field. 
Thanks to the unique fold-down sections, you can stand closer to the patient. This enables you to exert more force with less strain on your own shoulders and back.

Perfectly suited for carrying out osteopathic manipulations. A top-quality product that produces top-quality results. Besides the fold-down sections, the Osteoflex has the same features as the Trioflex.
  • 3-section support surface, suitable for most basic positions.
  • Adjustable middle section for the best possible position of the spinal column in flexion.
  • Head support can be adjusted positively and negatively, and can also be adjusted almost fully downwards.
  • Leg section also suitable for use as a back support. 
  • Extra armrests.
  • Unique fold-down sections.
Standard equipment: 
  • Adjustable middle section
  • Central wheel-lifting mechanism with 4 casters
  • All sections gas spring supported
  • Gymna Stability Profile (G.S.P.)
  • Non-slip feet
  • Cushions with padding of 40 mm
  • Breathing hole in head section, incl. cushion
  • Original Skai®, choice of 8 colours
  • Prepared for hip traction support
  • Prepared for shoulder traction supports
Optional accessories:
  • Paper roll holder, attaches to undercarriage
  • Paper rolls (set of 12)
  • Extra footswitch for height adjustment
  • Hand switch for height adjustment
  • Traction support for hips or shoulder
  • Foot brace
  • Gynaecological leg supports
  • AutoTrac 450 + attachment frame
  • Terry-cloth covers, stretch material
  • Electric adjustable middle section
  • Brackets for fastening straps
  • Cushions 60 cm wide
90 cm
90 cm
130 cm
90 kg
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