HEINE mini 3000 clip lamp D-001.73.131

HEINE mini 3000 clip lamp D-001.73.131
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Modern focusing pocket lamp in a compact design for the examination of the anterior chamber in focal light and for indirect ophtalmoscopy. 

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Focusing pocket lamp HEINE mini 3000 clip lamp

It is small and light and particularly ideal for home visits. The light spot can be focused on the patient's pupil. Perfect fundus illumination even with non-dilated pupil. It has also a secure attachment clip with integrated on / off switch and switches off automatically when returned to the pocket.

Pocket lamp HEINE mini 3000 clip lamp has 20.000 switch cycles guaranteed. High-quality handle, chrome-finish upper section and refined plastic. It is Shockproof, sturdy and non-slip. With enhanced XHL Xenon Halogen Technology for more light. Very bright, concentrated white light with high light intensity for a bright fundus image. A product which is easy to maintain flexible. Consisting of 2-piece handle and head. It uses replaceable batteries in AA size, or optional rechargeable battery with mini NT charger.

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