Propaq LT patient monitor

Propaq LT patient monitor
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Designed for bedside procedures, ambulatory monitoring and intra-hospital transport, ideal for busy hospital settings.

The Propaq LT monitor is portable device intended to be used by clinicians and medically qualified personnel for single- or multiparameter vital-signs monitoring of ambulatory and nonambulatory patients, including neonate, pediatric and adult patients.

This device is indicated for ECG, noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP), respiration and SpO2. The most likely locations for patients to be monitored by these devices are hospital general medical-surgical, telemetry, and intermediate care floors, hospital emergency departments, transport, emergency medical services, and other healthcare applications.
The monitor can be used as standalone device or as device networked to an Acuity Central Station (referred to in this manual as ‘Acuity’) through wireless communication over a Welch Allyn FlexNet network. It has legendary quality and durability. Propaq LT patient monitor measures Heart rate, 3- or 5-lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP and respiration to neonatal, paediatric and adult modes. Also it spot check and/or continuous monitoring modes with an 24-hour tabular and graphical trending. It also has wireless connectivity to the Acuity Central Station.
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