Mindray BeneVision N1 patient monitor

Mindray BeneVision N1 patient monitor
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Mindray BeneVision N1 patient monitor, with a 5.5" color screen, lightweight and is designed to cover the demands of patient transport with a special ambulance base.

Mindray BeneVision N1 patient monitor that is designed to cover the demands of both in and out-of-hospital patient transport. BeneVision N1 patient monitor from Mindray provides a steadfast and versatile solution that integrated seamlessly into the BeneVision patient monitoring solution with maximum mobility and streamlined workflow.

Mindray BeneVision N1 patient monitor combines state-of-the-art design, innovative technology with a clinically tested ease-of-use workflow, all while maintaining patient data continuity. Weighing less than 1kg provides a clear view from all angles with an HD display touchscreen of 5.5 inches.

Mindray BeneVision N1 patient monitor adapts to the clinical needs across the hospital from a plug-and-play module, to transport, to a stand-alone bedside monitor. It can be connected to the BeneVision N-Series bedside monitor as a module or function as an independent bedside monitor. The connectivity capabilities of BeneVision N1 enables it to follow a patient throughout the entire care process, ensuring data continuity for patient-centric monitoring, thereby improving overall information management efficiency.

Product details:

  • Palm-size 150x102x81cm
  • Lightweight of 950gr
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Ability to monitor 3/5 abduction ECG
  • Ability to recognize respiration, oximetry (SPO2), blood pressure (NIBP), two-channel temperature (TEMP).
  • Software detection of arrhythmias including Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
  • Pacemaker detection software
  • Network voltage discharge filters, surgical diathermy as well as protection from defibrillation, ECG filters.
  • Audio-visual alarms regulated by the user
  • Trends storage in the form of tables - Graphics and Full Disclosure for all waveforms
  • IP44 dust/waterproof resistance and a 1.2m drop endurance
  • Familiar intuitive interface across BeneVision family
  • Up to 5 waveforms displayed
  • More than 10 critical parameters can be monitored
  • Extensive data storage and reliable offline upload
  • Serves as a multi-parameter module for BeneView & BeneVision Patient Monitors
  • Flexible transport docking solution for air and ground transport
  • Connect to 19″ touchscreen display to create expanded bedside monitor
  • Multiple mounting solutions
  • Wired and wireless communications to Central Stations


  • 5-pole ECG cable
  • Adult oximetry sensor
  • Adult handbook
  • Extension tube
  • Multi-body temperature sensor
  • Special ambulance base
  • 5.5" High definition color touch-screen
1.50 kg