Vital Signs Monitor G-CARE SP-800

Vital Signs Monitor G-CARE SP-800
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Vital Signs Monitor G-CARE SP-800 for monitoring blood pressure (NIBP) ideal for adults, children and babies!

Vital Signs Monitor SP-800.

With accurate Clinical validation proves the SP-800 is the most accurate ever validated to BHS or ESH protocols. Portable at just 1.4Kg it’s the lightest and most easily transported. Dependable Quick-charge in 3 hours for 8 hours of full daytime use, long-life battery ensures continuous wireless monitoring. Flexible For routine spot checks or continuous monitoring in a variety of locations. With simple On screen instructions and user friendly menus ensure effortless operation. Has complete Essential accessories included with no extra hidden cost.

Available in SP800-01NP NIBP only, in SP800-01 NIBP and built-in printer, in SP800-02NP NIBP and SPO2 (Nonin), in SP800-02 NIBP and built-in printer and SPO2 (Nonin) version.

30 cm
30 cm
90 cm
2 kg
Data sheet
1.4 kg
Factor Analysis
Heart rate
Vital signs