EDAN M3A Vital Signs Monitor

EDAN M3A Vital Signs Monitor
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EDAN M3A Vital Signs Monitor provides essential measurements for patient's SpO2, NIBP and Pulse Rate

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EDAN's M3A is the perfect vital signs monitoring device with high cost-performance ratio to give care teams throughout the hospital most of the information they need at the patient's side.

It has a 3.5' color TFT LCD and clear LED numeric indication display. EDAN M3A Vital Signs Monitor analyses NIBP, SpO2, and quick temp (optional) vital signs parameters measurements. The power-environment design enables a longer battery working time up to 21 hours while generating much less noise. It has a user-friendly design which provides convenient access to frequently used function and a spot-check and continual working modes with unique alarm system to meet most clinical needs.
With high capability data storage and wired LAN networkability. There is a backlight control and standby mode for power saving, nurse call, smart data management via patientcare viewer software and adaptability to adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. It is a complete solution to easy mounting for different working environments.

With Class I equipment and internal powered equipment, EMC type in class A. It has an anti-electroshock degree SpO2,NIBP and BF. It is compliant with directive Safety Standards. 

93/42/EEC including amendments by Directive 2007/47/EC.

IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC/EN 60601-1-2.

With ISO 9919, IEC/EN 60601-2-30, IEC 60601-2-49.

 It weighs 2.4kg (without battery) and its' size is about 208mm (L) x 241mm (H) x 189mm (D).
It has an 3.5 inch, LCD color TFT with 320 x 240 resolution and specifications and power supply. 
With 100-240 VAC at 50/60HZ, the pmax is 70VA and T 1.6AL FUSE.
Its battery type is "Li battery". Its' voltage is about  14.8 V DC and has an 2200 mAh (4400 mAh optional) capacitance. The EDAN M3A Vital signs monitor provides 2200 mAh 10 hours, 4400 mAh 21 hours as a working period. The recharging time is 180 min/320 min. Has a record width 48 mm and paper speed at 25mm/s.

The NIBP is a Oscillometric method in manual, auto, continuous mode. The measuring interval in auto mode is at 1/2/3/4/5/10/15/30/60/90/120/240/480 min. Continuous 5min, interval us 5s.
The measuring type is the systolic pressure and the diastolic pressure. The cuff pressure measuring range is about 0~280mmHg. It has a 1mmHg pressure resolution, a maximum mean error 5mmHg and a maximum standard deviation at 8mmHg.
With 20~45s typical (depend on HR/motion disturbance) entire measuring period. NIBP with overpressure protection and dual overpressure protection. The adult one is at 297±3mmHg, the pediatric one is at 240±3mmHg and the neonatal is at 145±3mmHg. With overpressure protection - PR. With measuring ranges at 40~240 bpm, 1 bpm resolution and accuracy about ±3 bpm or 3.5% whichever is greater.

In adult mode we have SYS at 40~270mmHg, DIA at 10~215mmHg and MAP at 20~235mmHg.

In neonatal mode we have SYS at 40~135mmHg, DIA at 10~100mmHg and MAP at 20~110mmHg.

SpO2 has a measuring range at 0 ~ 100 % and alarm range at 0 ~ 100 %. A 1% resolution and a SpO2 accuracy for adults (including pediatric). With ±2 digits 970%~100% SpO2), undefined (0~70% SpO2) and SpO2 accuracy for a neonatal. With ±3 digits (70%~100% SpO2), undefined (0~70% SpO2) SpO2 and pulse rate. Measuring and alarm range at 30 ~ 254 bpm and resolution at about 1 bpm. With an accuracy at ±3bpm and a 1s data updated period.
With quick temperature (optional) and a 25°C ~ 45°C measuring range. Its' porbe type is rectal/oral/axillary temperature. It has an +25°C ~ +45°C alarm range and 0.1°C resolution. Its accuracy is about ±0.1°C (+25°C ~ +45°C). Also, it has a <60s response time and 1s to 2s uptade.
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