COMEN STAR8000 portable patient monitor

COMEN STAR8000 portable patient monitor
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COMEN STAR8000 portable patient monitor with 12.1” TFT LCD screen & multiple parameters patient monitoring simultaneously

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COMEN STAR8000 is refined and with superior quality. Designed strictly according to CE standards, it is stable and durable with strong
anti-interference ability. Comen inspects every procedure during R&D and manufacturing as per international standards, and carries out clinical trials in hospitals to make sure each product is highly qualified.

  • Parameters: ECG/HR, RESP, SpO2, PR, NIBP, TEMP;
  • Comen’s CardioTec TM ECG Monitoring Technology allows 13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis, ST segment analysis, and improved accuracy of ECG signal measurement;
  • Comen’s Diox TM Digital SpO2 Technology enables accurate measurement under weak perfusion and finger trembling situation;
  • AcuTec TM Blood Measuring Technology and the study of hemodynamic features of high-risk patients to guarantee precise BP measurement.

Based on general ward’s practices, COMEN STAR8000 eliminates redundant functions, optimizes its performance, and improve the accuracy and anti-interference ability, becoming the most practical and proper monitor for the ward.

  • Parameters: ECG/HR, RESP, SpO2, PR, NIBP, TEMP
  • 12.1”TFT LCD
  • Multi-language operation system
  • Built-in high capacity battery with over 2hrs stand-by time
  • Compatible with STAR8800 Central Monitoring System (CMS), support wireless and wired connection with CMS
  • USB and SD card data storage
  • Power failure data autosave
  • USB software upgrade online
  • NIBP dust cover
6 kg
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