Varisan Top Monocollant compression pantyhose Ccl 2 (23-32mmHg) Right leg Open toe

Varisan Top Monocollant compression pantyhose Ccl 2 (23-32mmHg) Right leg Open toe
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Monocollant compression pantyhose by Cizeta for right leg, Varisan Top Ccl 2, 22-36mmHg compression, available per piece in beige color, open toes, and 5 sizes.

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Varisan Top Monocollant compression pantyhose with 22-36 mm Hg graduated compression - Class 2 for chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins with mild edema.

Varisan Top Monocollant is suitable for congested veins during pregnancy and superficial or deep thrombophlebitis. Also used after sclerotherapy or surgery to maintenance therapy. Additionally, you can use compression stockings Varisan Top after healed venous ulcer in chronic venous deficiency, in cases of deep venous thrombosis, to treat symptoms and edema, thereby pre-empting post-thrombotic syndrome.

Varisan Top Monocollant compression pantyhose is available in beige color with open toes. For correct results, we suggest measuring rested legs in the morning. Measure both feet as there may be differences due to swelling or other causes.

To choose the appropriate size of Varisan Top Monocollant compression pantyhose follows the measurement instructions:

Varisan Top Size: 1

Ankle circumference 19-20 cm
calf circumference 31-34 cm
Thigh circumference 50-55 cm

Varisan Top Size: 2

Ankle circumference 21-23 cm
calf circumference 34-37 cm
Thigh circumference 53-58 cm

Varisan Top Size: 3

Ankle circumference 23-25 ​​cm
calf circumference 37-40 cm
Thigh circumference 56-61 cm

Varisan Top Size: 4

Ankle circumference 25-27 cm
calf circumference 40-44 cm
Thigh circumference 60-66 cm

Varisan Top Size: 5

Ankle circumference 28-30 cm
calf circumference 44-48 cm
Thigh circumference 64-70 cm

Select short for 66-73cm height from heel to knee joint

Select normal for 74-82cm cm height from heel to knee joint

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