WristOx Nonin 3100 oximeter

WristOx Nonin 3100 oximeter
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Watch the saturation of oxygen at night with the new oximeter WristOx 3100 manufactured by Nonin, with 33 hours memory and comfortable fit on the wrist.

NONIN's  WristOx 3100 is a small, lightweight pulse oximeter designed to be worn comfortably on the patient's wrist.
Ideal for monitoring daily activities and for overnight studies, the compact design of the WristOx is intended to give the patient greater freedom while improving patient compliance.
With impressive battery life, powerful memory, and NONIN’s proven accuracy - the WristOx provides a cost effective solution for both long and short term monitoring.
Simply slip the WristOx onto your patient's wrist and begin monitoring SpO2 and Pulse Rate instantly. Right out of the box in the spot-check mode, the WristOx is a powerful tool: to complete the picture, add nVISION® software and enable
advanced WristOx features.
With oxygen Saturation range (%SpO2) 0% to 100%, pulse rate range 18 to 300 pulses per minute displays. Numeric Displays 3-digit Indicators and pulse Indicator Pulse strength bargraph.
With accuracy blood oxygen saturation 70 - 100% ± 2 digits  (%SpO2 )(±1 SD) and accuracy in pulse rate ±3%.
Operating temperature +32° to +122°F (+0° to +50°C) and storage/transportation from +14° to +122°F (-10° to +50°C).
The humidity in operating is about 10% to 90% without condensing and the storage/transportation 10% to 95% noncondensing.
The operating altitude is up to 40,000 feet, hyperbaric pressure up to 4 atmospheres and power requirements two 1.5V alkaline N-cell batteries.
Battery life operating minimum 24 hours of continuous operation and  9 months storage.
It weight (without batteries or wrist strap) ~.88 ounces (24.95 g). With nonvolatile memory.
With capacity at about 33 hours @ 4 sec. data storage rate, 16 hours @ 2 sec. data storage rate, 8 hours @ 1 sec. data storage rate.
20 cm
10 cm
10 cm
0.25 kg
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