Nonin 3150 Wrist oximeter with 8000AA-WO2 adult sensor & BT

Nonin 3150 Wrist oximeter with 8000AA-WO2 adult sensor & BT
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Nonin 3150 Wrist oximeter with adult sensor 8000SM-WO2 and BlueTooth for oxygen and heart rate measurements, without the software.

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The Nonin 3150 wrist oximeter is suitable for accurate and efficient oxygenation and heart rate measurements. It offers cardiopulmonary monitoring and remote monitoring, making it ideal for all applications in hospitals, clinics and even at home. The Nonin 3150 wrist oximeter is simple and easy to use and the data from the measurements can be transferred via USB cable or wirelessly via bluetooth or even stored, providing independence in cases of continuous monitoring.

The Nonin 3150 wrist oximeter contains an 8000SM-WO2 adult sensor, has 48 hours of autonomy (24 if Bluetooth is used) with 2 AAA batteries. It has 1,080 hours of memory, a sampling rate of 4 seconds and can be used in nVision® data management software for secure data transfer or continuous data recording such as a nighttime sleep recording or a 6 minute walk test.

Nonin 3150 adult wrist oximeter is extremely durable and easy to use, as the sensor is simply placed on the finger. The package contains

  • Oximeter WristOx 3150
  • 1 oximetry sensor
  • USB data transfer cables
  • 3 straps in 3 sizes
  • Set of AAA alkaline batteries


  • Oxygen and heart rate measurements
  • Contains 8000SM-WO2 adult sensor
  • Easy to use
  • Store and transfer data via USB or Bluetooth
  • Independence in cases of continuous monitoring through nVision® software (not included)
  • 48 hours of autonomy
  • Measurement in 4 seconds
  • 1,080 hours of memorization
  • Batteries: 2 AAA
1.50 kg
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3 years
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