Nonin 8001J SpO2 neonatal flex sensor

Nonin 8001J neonatal finger clip
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SpO2 neonatal flex sensor 8001J by Nonin with 25 8001JFW FlexiWraps, made of durable silicone for use with Nonin oximeters, for neonates weighing up to 2 kgs.

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The Nonin 8001J Spo2 sensor system is ideal for numerous applications including extended monitoring and sleep studies. It is available in sizes to fit neonates to adults and is a great value for patient monitoring.

Nonin Medical'sNonin 8001J   flex Spo2 sensor system combines the convenience and performance of a disposable sensor with the economics of a reusable sensor. The reusable Nonin 8001J flex Spo2 sensor, made of a durable silicone, is secured with a matching disposable FlexiWrap adhesive. Each sensor is packaged with 25 FlexiWraps.

Nonin 8001J neonatal flex Spo2 sensor is used in neonates weighing up to 2 kg (4lbs).

PureLight sensors produce a high intensity pure light spectrum which eliminates variations in readings from patient to patient and sensor to sensor.

Nonin's PureLight sensor technology boasts pure and infrared LEDs to create accurate measurements. Red and infrared light sources (LEDs) are essential to pulse Spo2 sensors. The red LED measures deoxygenated hemoglobin and the infrared LED measures oxygenated hemoglobin.

Common red LEDs may produce a secondary spectrum emission (contamination) that impact the oxygenated hemoglobin measurements and effects an oximeter's calibration curve resulting in inaccurate SpO2 readings below 80%. The PureLight LEDs only produce the pure light spectrum and do not cause a shift in the oximeter's calibration curve at SpO2 levels below 80%.

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