Nonin 6000CI infant cloth adhesive oximeter sensors (24pcs)

Nonin 6000CI infant cloth adhesive oximeter sensors (24pcs)
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Nonin 6000 CI infant cloth oximeter sensors for accurate and reliable SpO2 measurement, with efficiency and ease in a package of 24 pieces.

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Nonin 6000CI infant cloth adhesive sensors provide accurate and reliable SpO2 measurements and breathe fabric ensuring increased patient comfort.

Nonin cloth adhesive oximeter sensors have the ability to produce a high-intensity spectrum of clear light to eliminate changes in the measurements of each patient and each sensor. Thanks to the Nonin pulse oximeter sensors it is possible to monitor in cases of people at risk of infection.

Thanks to the fabric elastic lining that the pulse oximeter sensors of the 6000 series have, they are safely placed, applied and repositioned easily in patients of all ages, even in newborns and infants.

In addition, the red LED of the PureLight® Nonin sensor usually produces a second spectrum emission (contamination) which affects the measurement of oxygenated hemoglobin. The calibration curve of the oximeter can be affected by the contamination of the LED, in the indication of the oximetry level, and as a result the measurements at a level below 80% are not accurate. 

Depending on the LED color of the light, the measurement of the pulse oximeters in the Nonin sensors also differs, as the red LED signals the non-oxygenated hemoglobin, while the infrared LED indicates the oxygenated hemoglobin.

Available in a package of 24 pieces.

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