SpO2 adult sensor NSA2092

SpO2 adult sensor NSA2092
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Carril NSA209 reusable flexible adult sensor, designed to ensure proper positioning during patient movement, suitable for Philips - Hewlett Packard - Agilent

Carril NSA sensor is a reusable flexible adult SPo2 sensor. With design that ensures proper positioning during patient movement. NSA2092 SpO2 adult sensor is durable and cleanable for multiple reapplications. Extended side shielding keeps out ambient light. Soft, contoured padding provides comfort and a secure fit.
Pin connector.Extension cable available if necessary.


  • Philips-Hewlett-Packard-Agilent monitors with 8 pin connector. Telemetry Trasnmitter M2601A/B, M4841A, 78352C, 78354C, M1020A, M3000A, M3500B, M4735A, C3, 863063 monitor SureSigns VM4, VM6, VM8, M3000A, M3001A Opt.A01, SpO2 module M1020B Opt.A01
  • Philips-Hewlett-Packard-Agilent-Philips monitors with 12 pin connector. All release E or later Omnicare. CMS patient monitors, Merlin, SpO2 module M1020A, Codemaster XL, Codemaster XL+, Codemaster 100, 50XM & 50XMO fetal monitors, M1350B, C1 Monitors.
  • Philips-Hewlett-Packard-Agilent Viridia M3, M4 and telemetry M2601A
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