MD Scope Video Οtoscope Κit elite pack LCD

MD Scope Video Οtoscope Κit elite pack LCD
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MD Scope in elite pack is the first Video otoscope kit worldwide with integrated LCD screen and interchangeable camera. 2.4” LCD monitor with a crystal clear image!

This video-otoscope kit features a compact 2.4” LCD monitor provides a crystal clear image for viewing the auditory canal and ear anatomy with vivid colors. A video outlet enables simultaneous display of the image on an external display device to provide a great tool for enhancing the interaction between the doctor and patient. Life Span up to 4 Hours - Low power consumption gives up to 4 hours continuous usage. Safe and reliable design guarantees a long and pleasant operating experience. Powered by 2 “AA” alkaline batteries that are commercially available to most user. Variable Function Camera Tip - MD scope is the world’s first inter-changeable camera tip otoscope. The patented design of the camera tip has widened its diagnostic applications to both human and animals. This device provides high upgrade flexibility. Mobility at its Best - Compact and User friendly carrying case with complete accessories. A light-weight and ergonomic hand held gear for ENT and family doctors. Low power consumption guarantees a long operational life cycle for better mobility.


Freeze function

Body size: 2.5” Width x 8” Height

2.4” digital LCD display panel

Weight: 218g including 2 batteries

Image Freeze Function

Battery power lasts 4 hours

Include a video-out port

Available Set:

 Elite Pack 1 Camera probe:

1 camera probe 45mm

RCA video cable

24 disposable specula

2 AA alkaline battery

MD Scope
1 kg
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