HEINE K100 Otoscope with 3 reusable specula B-001.11.576

HEINE K100 Otoscope with 3 reusable specula B-001.11.576
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Economic diagnostic otoscope Heine K100 2,5 V with 3 reusable specula without handle

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Otoscope head Heine K100 with 3 reusable specula ( 3.5/4.5/5.5mm diameter) by Heine in an extremely economical package.

The otoscope head HEINE K100 2,5 V is constructed by high strength polycarbonate materials, with top quality acrylic observation window 3x zoom.

The interior of the HEINE K100 otoscope head is black matte to avoid reflections. With foreign technology Halogen XHL, extremely bright, white light, rotating window attached in the head.

Multifunctional diagnostic HEINE K100 otoscope (eg for nasal examination) to select multiple accessories at extremely low price compared with the metal otoscopes.

The HEINE K100 otoscope grip Heine Beta 2,5 V is protected from short circuits and provides continuous brightness control.

Adding the appropriate cover at the base, you can compose any handle & easily make it rechargable

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Light Mode
XHL Xenon Halogen
Number of battery handles
Manufacturer reference
Otoscope: B-002.11.576