HEINE mini 3000 F.O. otoscope

HEINE mini 3000 F.O. otoscope
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HEINE mini 3000 F.O. otoscope with LED technology, mini3000 battery handle, 10 disposable ear tips and 4 reusable ear tips.

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HEINE mini 3000 Fiber Optic οtoscope uses LED technology, which offers twice the brightness compared to conventional halogen otoscopes. It contains a mini 3000 battery handle, 5 disposable tips 2.5mm & 5 disposable tips 4mm.

HEINE mini 3000 F.O. οtoscope does not require maintenance of the LED, since the thermal control mechanism ensures the stable performance of the lighting throughout its life. Its lighting is perfectly homogeneous with excellent color rendering (color temperature 4000K), with color rendering index> 95 and red color rendering index> 90.

HEINE mini 3000 F.O. οtoscope displays light intensity based on the battery energy, thus indicating when the batteries need to be changed (fade-out function).

Operates with 2 AA alkaline batteries with operating time up to 10 hours.


  • Fiber optic otoscope
  • LED technology perfectly homogeneous lighting with excellent color performance
  • Color temperature 4000K
  • Color rendering index> 95
  • Red yield index> 90
  • Fade-out function with battery proportional lighting
  • Battery life 10 hours
  • Available colors: Blue, Black

Package contents:

  • Otoscope HEINE mini 3000 LED
  • 10 disposable tips (5 x 2.5mm & 5 x 4mm)
  • 4 reusable tips
  • Mini 3000 battery handle
  • Storage & transport case
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