HEINE BETA 400 LED F.O. otoscope B-143.28.388

HEINE BETA 400 LED F.O. otoscope B-143.28.388
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HEINE BETA 400 otoscope with fiber optic F.O. LED, handle & 1 set of 4 reusable tips.

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HEINE BETA 400 LED F.O. otoscope has been designed with all-metal scratch-resistant glass lenses that guarantee a lifetime of maintenance-free use. It offers exclusive 4.2x magnification, which makes anatomical structures more exclusive and easy to recognize. It features an exceptional depth of field and large field of view, giving the necessary overview and perfect orientation during examinations.

HEINE BETA 400 LED F.O. otoscope offers high resolution and distortion-free images, its fiber-optic illumination ensures homogenous, very bright illumination and an unobstructed view of the ear canal and tympanum.

HEINE BETA 400 LED F.O. otoscope features a LED, made from specially selected materials, with precise intensity and color rendering. It offers a special optical interface to precisely integrate the LED illumination with the optical system to ensure bright, homogenous light during examinations. It has a patented step-less dimming from 3% to 100% with the practical one-finger operation and a unique design that allows the permanently attached optical system to be flipped open and out of the way, enabling instrumentation and ease of cleaning.


  • Otoscope with fiber optic light
  • Contains 1 set (4 pcs) of reusable tips, 5 of both AllSpec disposable tips 2.5 and 4 mm, BETA4 USB rechargeable handle with USB cord, plugging power supply, hard case and a base
  • 4.2x magnification
  • Exceptional depth and large field of view
  • High resolution and distortion-free images
  • LED light with precise intensity and color rendering
  • Patented step-less dimming from 3% to 100%
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
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