HEINE veterinary slit bulb G100 LED G-008.21.301

HEINE veterinary slit bulb G100 LED G-008.21.301
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HEINE veterinary slit bulb G100 with LED technology for double brightness and better sharpness.

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HEINE G100 portable veterinary slit bulb, with LED technology (double brightness compared to conventional veterinary slit halogen lamp). Provides LED thermal control mechanism for stable lighting performance, throughout its life, you will never need to replace the LED bulb.

The HEINE G100 veterinary slit bulb has a high efficiency LED: bright and perfectly homogeneous lighting with excellent color performance, color temperature 4000K, color efficiency index> 95 and red color efficiency index> 90. Light fiber optic beam. Ensures homogeneous, high brightness and unobstructed observation of the auditory canal and eardrum. Continuous and ungraded control / adjustment of brightness between 3% -100%. The optimal lighting intensity can be adjusted individually in each case.

The HEINE G100 veterinary slit bulb LED has a clip with a built-in on/off switch, for safer use, it turns off automatically. The rotating lens of the HEINE G100 slit bulb LED is multi-coating, scratch-resistant, with a magnification of 1.6x to capture a higher image resolution.

The HEINE G100 veterinary slit bulb LED provides a double bayonet lock when used with cones for added safety. The HEINE Unispec® disposable cones can also be used with the HEINE adapter. You can clean the simple, open construction of the HEINE G100 veterinary slit bulb using common disinfectants.

The HEINE G100 veterinary slotted bulb is not accompanied by a battery handle. For full functionality and lighting efficiency, choose a rechargeable battery gauge or wall-mounted transformer (HEINE EN100-EN200).

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