HEINE veterinary otoscope head B-001.11.492 2,5V

HEINE veterinary otoscope head B-001.11.492  2,5V
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HEINE veterinary otoscope head B-001.11.492 with magnification, rotating lens and 2.5V lamp voltage, suitable for simultaneous use with other tools.

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HEINE B-001.11.492 veterinary otoscope head with magnification for convenience and accuracy, suitable for combination with other tools. It has a rotating lens and expander with a clear field of magnification and illumination, is ideal for rhinoscopy and has extremely bright white light due to the XHL halogen technology it uses.

The HEINE B-001.11.492 diagnostic otoscope head, offers locking of the lamp and lens position allowing interventions and its lens has a 2.5x magnification and a protective frame that protects it from scratches and damage. It uses a handle for alkaline batteries with a lamp voltage of 2.5V.


  • Otoscope head
  • Easy and accurate diagnoses
  • Suitable for combination with other tools
  • With 2.5x rotating magnifying glass and protective frame
  • Clear field of magnification and lighting
  • Ideal for rhinoscopy
  • With handle of 2.5V alkaline batteries
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