HEINE BETA 400 F.O. 2.5V otoscope head B-001.11.400

HEINE BETA 400 F.O. 2.5V otoscope head B-001.11.400
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HEINE BETA 400 F.O. otoscope head, with zoom 4.2x and precision optics multilayer-coated for sharp images with high resolution.

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HEINE BETA 400 F.O. 2.5V is the most advanced high quality otoscope making more details visible, while maintaining its easy operation and functionality. It has 4.2x magnification and multi-coating precision optics for sharp, high-resolution images, providing optimal diagnosis that, combined with its large field of view, allows the ear canal and eardrum to be examined efficiently and accurately.

HEINE BETA 400 F.O. 2.5V has a unique opening mechanism that is patented, which can be operated with one hand and allows the adjustment of instruments in the otoscope with ease. It is scratch-resistant, having a metal housing and optical system that guarantees a long life that makes it a reliable diagnostic tool.

HEINE BETA 400 F.O. 2.5V allows the permanently connected optical system a wide aperture, facilitating its cleaning. It has high-precision multilayer optics without distortion and a fiber optic illumination system with homogeneous lighting, which ensures unobstructed visibility during the examination.


  • All-metal matte chrome plated for durability
  • Compatible with the battrey handle HEINE 2.5V or 3.5V or with the diagnostic wall set HEINE EN100 & EN200
  • Instrument head matt-black inside to eliminate reflexes.
  • One-handed operation for ease of use
  • Fiber Optic Lighting (F.O.)
  • 4.2x magnification with a clear focus, no distortion.
  • Multi-coating precision optics with exceptional depth of field
  • CE Certificate
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