Thuasne Cervi+ Maxi Cervical Pillow

Thuasne Cervi+ Maxi Cervical Pillow
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Anatomic "Memory foam" Cervi+ Maxi pillow by Thuasne. Provides optimum support for the neck and head.

The Cervi+ pillow by Thuasne is very comfortable and supports the head without putting strain on the shoulders or cervical spine, thereby preventing any tension. Its shape adapts to the morphology of the head and neck, whether user sleeps on lateral or supine positions.

The visco-elastic "Memory Foam" memorises the shape of the head and thereby exerts a slight counter-ressure: blood circulation is improved and pressures reduced.

The high quality cap from 80% cotton and 20% polyester washable at 40°C.

The dimensions of the pillow in Maxi size: 65cm x 36cm and Height from 10cm to 11.5cm.

11 cm
32 cm
50 cm
2 kg
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