Riester E-scope LED ophthalmoscope

Riester E-scope LED ophthalmoscope
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Riester E-scope οphthalmoscope with LED technology, high efficiency 3.7V lighting, that has spherical lenses and offers a parallel optical path.

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E-scope ophthalmoscope with LED illumination

With 2.7 V vacuum or halogen illumination and with innovative 3.7 V LED illumination for higher-contrast and more efficient diagnosis and High performance optics with aspherical condenser lens.

The E-scope ophthalmoscope features  Dioptre disc with 18 corrective lenses (+/- 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 dioptres) and an Easy-to-use aperture wheel with six different apertures (fixation star, large circle, small circle, red free filter, blue filter, semi circle)

It's designed to have Spectacle protection, Parallel optical path and dust-protection

Low maintenance costs thanks to long LED and battery service lives. Whilst the service life of a xenon light source is only approx. 20 hours, LED burns for at least 20,000 hours, i.e. over 2 years at a go – with E-scope, even with two conventional AA batteries.
Particularly high environment-friendliness, for the newly developed IPC in the E-scope always converts the voltage of simple alkaline batteries into the optimum voltage required for LED operation, resulting in battery lives of around 50 operating hours.
Its optimum values in all these fields make the E-scope apioneering pocket instrument for flexible diagnosis.

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Riester, Germany

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Cobalt blue filter
Red free filter
Range of lenses
-20 D to +20 D
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