Ophthalmoscope Vantage Plus

Ophthalmoscope Vantage Plus
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The new Vantage Plus ophthalmoscope with great new features that really add up: premium intelligent optics, lighter weight and brighter images.

Digital Imaging in your office, operating room, or anywhere you want it. As the world leader in binocular indirect technology we lead the way again with the first digital binocular indirect system. Not old analog video but true digital imaging.
The intuitive and powerful Keeler Software allows you use your laptop or any usb interface to optimize the examination, provide still or dynamic images, which aid in the documentation and diagnosis of your patient.

Unique - Intelligent Optical System (IOS patent pending). At last - now when you change the aperture the optics and mirrors automatically adjust for you, without the need to flip another lever!
Keeler has designed this unique one step movement to make your examinations easier and faster. The (IOS) mechanism (patent pending) means that when you select the small, medium or large aperture the optics automatically adjust, providing 3 dimensional stereoscopic views of the retina through all pupil sizes.
NEW - We are happy to announce the market leading VantagePlus now has convertible technology. This allows you to choose between a neutral 4,000K LED module or 3,800K Xenon traditional bulb in the same product!

Simplicity meets intelligence! The PLUS gives you: P for Premium intelligent optics, L for Lighter weight and brighter images, U Unique wireless patented technology and S Smaller and more compact size
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