HEINE K180 2.5V ophthalmoscope C-001.30.206

HEINE K180 2.5V ophthalmoscope
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HEINE K180 2.5V ophthalmoscope head with aperture wheel 1 and precision HEINE optics for brilliant retinal image.

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HEINE K180 2.5V ophthalmoscope is a full featured instrumentat an economical price with precision HEINE optics for brilliant retinal image.

HEINE K180 2.5V ophthalmoscope has XHL xenon halogen technology. HEINE K180 ophthalmoscope provides a bright, white light  for a clear retinal image, while featuring an ergonomical shape.

HEINE K180 ophthalmoscope fits the orbita comfortably for soft orbital rest that steadies the instrument and protects your glasses.

HEINE K180 ophthalmoscope provides a choice of 5 apertures for both large and small pupils with the choice of fixation star or cobalt blue filter for corneal examination. The ophthalmoscope head has a dust-resistant housing which is maintenance-free.

Housing is made of High-impact polycarbonate for durability with 27 lenses from - 35 D to + 40 D & absolutely brilliant image even at high corrections.

+ in 1 D steps: 1 – 10 15 20 40 D

– in 1 D steps: 1 – 10 15 20 25 35 D

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Data sheet
Cobalt blue filter
Range of lenses
-35 D to +40 D
Light Mode
XHL Xenon Halogen
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