HEINE BETA 200 3.5V οphthalmoscope

HEINE BETA 200® Ophthalmoscope
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HEINE BETA 200 3.5V ophthalmoscope. ΗΕΙΝΕ optimises the Gullstrand princile with aspherical optics separating the illumination and observation beam.

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HEINE BETA 200 3.5V οphthalmoscope optimises the Gullstrand principle with aspherical optics (separation of illumination and observation beam). Corneal and iris reflexes are eliminated. A full view is guaranteed even with small pupils.

HEINE BETA 200 3.5V ophthalmoscope with unique aspherical optics and all the features of the BETA 200 S, except for the macula aperture/pinhole and the following lens range:

+ in 1 D steps: 1 – 10 15 20 40 D

– in 1 D steps: 1 – 10 15 20 25 35 D

XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Bright, white light.

Range of lenses: 28 lenses from -35D to +40D. Perfect focus even with high
refractive errors.

HEINE BETA 200 3.5V ophthalmoscope has 6 apertures with separate red-free filter. Suitable for large or small pupils. Incorporates slit aperture, fixation star, cobalt blue filter and red-free filter for improved contrast.

Recessed, multi-coated viewing window. Avoids stray light.
Dustproof housing.

Optics mounted on precision metal chassis. Durable, precise.

Thanks to its ergonomic shape HEINE BETA 200 3.5V ophthalmoscope, fits the orbita comfortably in any position.
Soft orbital support. Protects the users’ glasses and steadies the instrument.

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Cobalt blue filter
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XHL Xenon Halogen
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