Weelko Medial operating chair

Weelko Medial operating chair
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Operating chair Medial by Weelko with 3 motors that control the height, the backrest and the footrest for optimal professional service

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Weelko Medial operating chair with very stable structure. It has 3 motors that control the height of the chair, backrest and seat inclination movement. The leg rests are independently adjustable in multiple positions providing optimal use to the professional.

Particularly comfortable Weelko Medial operating chair allows you to adjust the backrest angle from 0º up to 85º, the inclination of the leg rests from 0º 90º and extend the leg rests up to 15 cm. The maximum and minimum height is 59/102 cm.

Also Weelko Medial operating chair features reclining armrest and adjustable headrest with breather hole. It has white PU upholstery of high quality and easy cleaning.

Size without armrest: 184x60 cm
Size with armrest: 184x85 cm

100 kg
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88 cm