Weelko Cubo operating chair

Weelko Cubo operating chair
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Operating chair Cubo by Weelko with a very stable base. It is adjustable to the most important spots for optimal professional service.  

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Operating chair Weelko Cubo manufactured in a very stable frame. It has 3 motors that control the height, backrest and seat inclination. The height of the leg rests is regulation by gas lift and also can be adjustable horizontally up to 90 °.

Operating chair Weelko Cubo is appropriately designed to provide comfort to patient and ease of movement to the doctor. The angle of the backrest is from 0º up to 85º, the rotation of the chair is up to 90º and you can extension leg rests up to 14 cm optimal professional service.

The maximum height of the operating chair is 121 cm and the minimum 62 cm. It has PU seamless upholstery of high quality that eases cleaning. It is available in 3 colours: white, black and green.

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