IsiNeb nebulizer

IsiNeb nebulizer
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Piston compressor nebulizer for professional use

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Technojet is a newly-designed jet nebulizer capable of delivering any medication in a fast and efficient way. The selector consents to change particles dimension reaching different areas of the respiratory tract.
It is a piston compressor with maximum pressure at 250 kPa and operating pressure at 90 kPa. Air flow 14 l / min, and 58 dBA noise level. With a continuous operation. It weights 1.7 pounds.
MDD: lla
It has a 12 ml capacity and respirable volume <5 mm in 80%.MMAD (mass median aerodynamic diameter) Item 1: 1 +5 mm
MMAD (mass median aerodynamic diameter seat 2) is 9 6 mm and MMAD (mass median aerodynamic diameter seat 3) is 10 14 mm. Position termination (factor 1) is 0,2 ml / min and position termination (factor 2) is 0,35 ml / min. Termination factor (position 3) is 0,50 ml / min. With 0,7 ml residual volume.
  • Technojet nebulizer (polypropylene)
  • Accessory adjusting the nose (polypropylene)
  • Mouthpiece (polypropylene)
  • Adult mask (without pvc deph)
  • Mask Child (no pvc deph)
  • Air hose (without PVC deph)
  • Replacement filters (3 pcs.)
20 cm
20 cm
20 cm
2 kg
Data sheet
Nebulization Time
0,50 ml/min
1,7 Kg