CA-MI Flo Miko nebulizer 0.35ml/min

CA-MI Flo Miko nebulizer 0.35ml/min
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CA-MI Flo Miko nebulizer 0.35ml/min, to facilitate the administration of inhaled drugs by converting the liquid medicine into steam quickly and effectively.

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CA-MI Flo Miko nebulizer is a rapid nebulization device with spray rate of 4 ml 0.9% saline solution in 0.35 ml / minute. Its high-flow spray chamber saves up to 50% of the time.

CA-MI Flo Miko rapid nebulizer is easy to use and easy to clean. It facilitates the administration of inhaled drugs as it converts the liquid drug into steam rapidly and effectively, while you can use it with a mouthpiece or a face mask.

CA-MI Flo Miko nebulizer package contains a high-flow adult and children's mask, a nasal accessory, a high-flow spray chamber and a spare filter.


  • Piston motor without the need for lubrication
  • Power: 230 V-50 Hz
  • Consumption: 170 VA
  • Maximum Pressure: 2.2 bar 32 psi 220 kPa
  • Operating pressure: 0.95 bar 12 psi 80 kPa
  • Maximum Flow: 12 L / min
  • Operating flow: 4.8 L / min
  • Spray rate with 4 ml 0.9% saline solution. 0.35 ml / min
  • Average aerodynamic mass diameter (Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter) 2.44 m (MMAD)
  • Inhalation ratio: (<5μm)> 80%
  • Noise level: (European Standard EN 13544-1): 56 dB
  • Device weight: 1.45 Kg
  • Device dimensions: 14 x 17 x 11 cm
  • 3 years warranty 
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