Pari Boy SX Nebulizer

Pari Boy SX Nebulizer
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The powerful PARI Boy SX compressor in combination with the PARI LC Sprint nebuliser ensures short inhalation times.

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The specialist - fast and variable PARI Boy SX nebuliser consists of PARI LC SPRINT nebuliser (blue insert) , additional red insert for fine droplets, PARI LC interrupter, connection tubing (1.2m, f/m) and child mask.
PARI Boy SX  is the ideal choice with extra equipment. Short inhalation time – less than 5 min. (with salbutamol) for 2.5 ml inhalation solution* (blue insert). Selectable aerosol spectrum allows the targeted use for the central or peripheral region of the lung. PARI Boy SX  provides optional intermittent nebulising for combined physiotherapy. Optimal breathing manoeuvre due to the integrated PIF control. The high performance and extra equipment of the PARI BOY SX make it the right choice for treating severe diseases of the airway(e.g. COPDChronic bronchitis). The powerful PARI BOY SX compressor in combination with the PARI LC SPRINT nebuliser ensures short inhalation times.

The two nozzle attachments (red and blue) represent a very important feature of the equipment, since they enable the user to direct treatment deliberately to the central or peripheral regions of the lungs. The red attachment creates even finer droplets that are able to reach the peripheral region of the lungs. The blue nozzle attachment can be used to provide optimum treatment to the central respiratory tract.

 Other equipment features include the LC interrupter and the PIF Control (Peak Inspiratory Flow). 
The PIF Control is a breath sensing feedback system that patients can use to help them to master slow, controlled inhalation. It restricts the inspiratory flow to about 25l/min.

Slow inhalation increases medication deposition in the lungs. The LC interrupter can be used to select either intermittent or continuous nebulising. Inhalation treatment in intermittent mode also helps to economise further on medication. The PARI BOY SX is suitable for patients aged 4 years and older.
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Nebulization Time
25 l/min
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