Bresser Microscope Junior set USB

Bresser Microscope Junior set USB
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A complete set of microscope with a magnification of 40x - 1024x by Bresser, connects to PC via USB

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For the older school student, thisBresser Junior 40x -1024x PC microscope has many features to offer. The PC camera that is included with the microscope can capture images and send them to a PC where they can either be stored, printed or emailed.

The advanced dual lighting system consists of two independently controlled LED light scources one beneath the observed object that gives transmitted light from below the specimen the other providing reflected light from above.
  • Specification Power 40x~1024x Magnification
  • IlluminationTwo, top & bottom Built in light source
  • Storage Case
  • Computer compatible
  • USB cable suplied
  • Recomended Age8+
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