LifeCare SL-H201 massage chair

LifeCare SL-H201 massage chair
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Vibrating massage chair for the back, gluteal region and legs with remote control

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Equipped with 4 massage heads that move a tall back.
It offers massage in the back and the gluteal region  with vibration and in the calf with massage.
It features thermostat for the back.
Massage chair features massage 2-dimensional, 3 automatic options, a controller with LCD display, removable armrests, wireless Controller, ability to rotate 90 degrees and a adjustable back and footrest.
It is a 180 Watt massage chair , with less than 53 db noise factor and it weights 80 kgr.
Certification CE, UL and CUL
Packaging features:

It weights 96 kgr and the box dimensions are 106 x 88 x 77.5 cm.

Life Care
96 kg
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