Massage oil & lotions

Massage therapy lotions for physiotherapy, paraffin oil, hypo-allergic, and dermatologically tested, suitable for massage and treatment of muscle stiffness.

Massage lotion Gymna Pure 5Lt
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Gymna Pure massage lotion constitutes an all-round solution for your physiotherapy treatments. It's ideal for any type of therapeutic treatment, available in a bottl
Massage oil Vanilla 500ml
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Ships in 4 - 10 days
Vanilla massage oil in a bottle of 500ml that offers effectiveness and smoothness, suitable for massage and post-waxing skin hydration
Massage oil Jasmin 500ml
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Ships in 4 - 10 days
Jasmin massage oil 500ml suitable for massage or hair removal giving a soft feeling to your skin, ideal for sensitive and normal skin
SCHUPP massage lotion 5lt
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Ships in 4-10 days
SCHUPP massage lotion 5lt with additional ingredients that protect and nourish the skin, keeping it healthy and elastic for a long time.