Hyperice Vyper 3 massage roller

Hyperice Vyper 3 massage roller
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Hyperice Vyper 3 massage roller with ergonomic design, 34W motor, and 3 vibration speed levels, ideal for relieving the muscles in difficult areas of the body.

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The Hyperice Vyper 3 massage roller is an environmentally friendly massage roller made of polypropylene material and contains rubber bands that help stabilize the roll to speed your warm-up and recovery time through the relaxing and therapeutic massage it applies to strained muscles.

In particular, the 3 different vibration speeds, the high-torque 34W motor, as well as the special design of the Hyperice Vyper 3 massage device make it ideal for massaging difficult areas of the body without burdening areas that are not suitable for pressure such as for example the vertebral column.

Also, its ergonomic design and battery life (2 hours) make it portable and easy to carry wherever you want. In addition, it can be connected via Bluetooth® to the Hyperice app where specially designed programs, professional advice, and guided sessions are available for proper and personalized use of the Hyperice Vyper 3 massage roller, and at the same time, you can monitor your progress from your mobile phone.

The package includes the Hyperice Vyper 3 massage roller, power supply, and 3 additional plug adapters.


  • Weight: 1.23kg
  • Size: 33.02 x 13.72 x 13.72cm
  • Battery life: 2 hours
  • Vibration speed levels: 3
  • Motor: 34W
  • Bluetooth®
  • Hyperice app
  • TSA approved for carrying


  • Vyper 3 massage roller
  • Power supply
  • Plug adapters: 3
2.50 kg

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