New Age Pocket Emavit magnetotherapy

New Age Pocket Emavit magnetotherapy
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Portable Pocket Emavit by New Age for low frequency magnetotherapy with 25 preset programs and 5 free, ideal for application on patients home. 

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New Age Pocket Emavit magnetotherapy is the latest professional device for low frequency magnetotherapy (1-100 Hz).

Small and portable, characterized by ease of use and the numerous possibilities of use. New Age Pocket Emavit magnetotherapy contains 25 preset programs for common applications and 5 free.

The package includes: appliance, manual, 1 pair solenoids, 2 elastic bands fixing, external power supply, rechargeable battery and a convenient carrying case for transportation and home therapy. With the device one mattress (170x50) and a pillow (45x45) is given. It transmits continuously and pulsed and the output power is 120 (60x2) Gauss (300 Gauss with mattress).

Programs/application of New Age Pocket Emavit magnetotherapy:

Fractures, Uniform bruising, Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Joints, Edema, Contracture Myositis, Slashed, Tendinitis, Low back pain, Circulation, Sharp pains, Chronic pain, Arthritis, Periarthritis, Arthropathy Osteoarthritis Small joints, Osteoarthritis Large joints, Coxarthrosis, Dislocations, Bursitis, Acute epicondylitis, Tendonitis Foot, Cervical.

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