Bioptron Pro 1 light therapy device

Bioptron Pro 1 light therapy device
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The Bioptron Pro 1 light therapy device is designed for use at home, in hospitals and therapeutic centres. Available with floor stand and/or an table stand

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The Bioptron Pro 1 light therapy device is available with an ergonomic table stand allowing flexible use in domestic and professional environment.

Easily adjustable height and head inclination as well as the ability to rotate the device head up to 360° allow a convenient usage for nearly any position.

Treatments can easily be timed by a control panel down to 30 seconds. An integrated distance rod ensures the recommended distance to the skin surface area.
The table stand is additionally equipped with a dust cover and a comfortable supportive mat (disinfectable, exchangeable and washable).
The filter diameter of the BIOPTRON Pro 1 is approx. 11 cm.
Technical features

Power supply: 100-230VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 90 VA
Rated power of halogen: 50 W
Device type: Type B, ΙΡ 20
Βάρος: 3.4 Kg
Operation: +10°C έως +40°C
Storage: -30°C έως +45°C
Wavelegth: 480-3400 nm
Degree of polarization: >95% (590-1550nm)
Specific power density: ~40mW/cm2
Light energy per minute: ~2,4 J/cm2
CE: CE0124
3.50 kg