Tru Tone larynx

Tru Tone larynx
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The TruTone speech aid is an electronic speech aid, also known as an artificial larynx or electrolarynx. It has exceptional sound quality

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Express yourself clearly and easily!

The TruTone Electrolarynx is the only electronic speech aid with tone control in a single button.  It has the widest tonal range available in an electrolarynx -- bar none!  It has the best sound quality available in a neck type artificial larynx.

Now you can be heard in a crowded room!  Using internal advances, Griffin Laboratories has been able to create a speech aid with the best volume range available today.

Be free to set your speech aid at the high-volume range when speaking with a group. Reduce volume for normal speaking situations and take advantage of highly efficient circuitry.


The best sound quality available.
A single pressure sensitive button, for smooth and natural voice intonation.
User friendly controls.
Wide frequency range.
Powerful volume range.
Energy efficient design for extended battery life.
Independence through 9 volt batteries.
Light Weight and small size.
Durable impact resistant materials.
Well crafted for years of quality service.
Uses convenient 9 Volt Batteries-- this is critical for emergency situations
Smallest 9 volt speech aid available. Light weight--only 4.5 ounces
Unmatched Durability and Reliability
2-Year Warranty
NEW!!! HandsFree™ Electrolarynx Holder Available!!!
Made in the USA

Included items: 9-volt battery charger, two standard 9-volt rechargeable batteries, oral adapter with straws, Griffin Laboratories tone-adjustment screwdriver, "Extra-Sharp" soundcap for a sharper sound, instructional DVD (not pictured), instruction Manual (not pictured).
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