Kinesio Tape CureTape Punch 5 cm x 5m

Kinesio Tape CureTape Punch 5 cm x 5m
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Kinesio Tape CureTape Punch has a unique hole pattern, keeping the tape will have a greater stretch capacity and the tape job direction is three-dimensional.

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Properties of Kinesio Tape CureTape Punch:

High-quality product, without adding drugs

  • elastic cotton tape with a stretchability of 130 to 140% (similar to the human skin)
  • Unique pattern of holes through which the tape has a greater stretch capacity and the working direction is three-dimensional
  • Hypoallergenic 100% acrylic adhesive layer applied according to a wave pattern
  • It is activated under the influence of body heat
  • tape is stretchable in the length
  • Increased drainage effect
  • Air and water permeable but resistant to water (showering, swimming)
  • Cure Tape Punch adheres for several days to the skin, which makes for a unique 24-hour treatment
  • Cure Tape Punch can be used in combination with CureTape

How CureTape Punch operates:

CureTape Punch unlike normal CureTape a unique hole pattern. The skin and the fascia may be stimulated within the area of the openings of the Cure Tape Punch. In addition, the skin has more opportunity to ventilate. Through skin and can fasciastretch effects are achieved on different systems, such as the neuro lymphatic and endorfinerge analgesic system that provides pain relief.

CureTape Punch size: 5 cm x 5 m 

Available colors: blue, orange

0.50 kg

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