K-Active Kinesio TapeCare box

K-Active Kinesio TapeCare box
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K-Active KinesioTapeCare box was especially developed to protect the Kinesio Tape rolls with a length of 5m & the ease of cutting the tape

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With the K-Active KinesioTapeCare box that was especially developed to protect the Kinesio Tape rolls, you can master everything.


  • The K-Active KinesioTapeCare box with its practical shape avoids direct skin contact by permanent touching and it protects from other pollution.
  • The K-Active KinesioTapeCare box can stand side-by-side or on top of each other and thus avoids a chaos of single, began tape rolls - handy in the practice and on the way.
  • The color of the tape is well visible due to the transparent material.
  • The practical opening slit enables a fast and easy pulling of the Kinesio Tape.


  • K-Active KinesioTapeCare box can hold 1 Kinesio Tape roll with a length of 5m.
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