Elite Bags Phial's EB09.002

Elite Bags Phial's EB09.002
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Medium capacity ampoule holder by Elite Bags, to maintain temperature and safety in the transport of vials.

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The Elite PHIAL'S EB09.002 isothermal ampoule case is a convenient case with 20 small and 16 medium ampoules and a central divider containing elastic holders for larger phials.

The Elite PHIAL'S isothermal ampoule case is made of isothermal materials with a lining and a long zipper. It provides a protected, cool environment for the safe storage and easy movement of critical therapeutic substances.


  • 20 cases for small ampoules
  • 16 cases for medium ampoules
  • 3 cases for large vials
  • dimensions: 5×19.5×13 cm
  • weight: 0.19kg
13 cm
4 cm
18 cm
0.20 kg
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