ECOLAB Sekusept Plus 2lt

ECOLAB Sekusept Plus 2lt
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Instrument disinfectant Sekusept Plus by Ecolab, for disinfecting and cleaning instruments, endoscopes and anaesthetic items.

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Sekusept Plus medical instrument disinfectant for disinfecting and cleaning instruments, endoscopes and anaesthetic items. Liquid disinfectant solution Sekusept Plus from Ecolab, for cleaning and disinfection of surgical instruments and endoscopes. The concentrated disinfectant gear without aldehydes to blue green color, has a deoxidizing agents, detersive substances, solvents, foam regulators, stability modulators PH, coloring and flavors. The disinfectant Sekusept Plus is used as a bactericide (incl. Microorganisms resistant to antibiotics and Helicobacter pylori), fungicide, tuberculocidal, virucidal (HBV - HIV, papova, ROTA VACCINIA and viruses).

The disinfectant Sekusept Plus meets all requirements to the powerful cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes generally as flexible and non thermoefpathi / thermostable, cystoscope, arthroscopes, laparoscopy, etc. and auxiliary anesthesia tools, hand / ment and dentistry. The disinfectant Sekusept Plus is dissolved in water and used immersing surgical instruments or endoscopes for as long as needed. Then rinse thoroughly, especially the lumens of endoscopes. In ultrasonic apparatus 2% dilution the residence time is 5 minutes. The disinfectant Sekusept Plus is available in packs of 2 liters. For the disinfection of instrument made of metal, glass etc. Particularly appropriate for thermo sensitive material which is disinfected but can not be sterilized, e.g. en aesthetic equipment, flexible endoscopes etc.

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