Schulke & Mayr Gigazyme tool disinfectant 2lt

Schulke & Mayr Gigazyme tool disinfectant 2lt
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Schulke & Mayr Gigazyme is a triple-enzyme cleaner designed specifically for the manual and semi-automatic cleaning of endoscopes and surgical instruments.

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Schulke & Mayr Gigazyme® medical tool detergent is a triple enzyme cleaner designed specifically for disinfecting and cleaning endoscopes and surgical instruments. It is suitable for use in an ultrasonic bath, it has a pleasant aroma, does not create an annoying foam and leaves no residue.

Schulke & Mayr Gigazyme® medical tool detergent is economical since with tap water and a small dose of disinfectant, the solution is ready to use. The ideal combination of high-quality enzymes (Protease, Lipase, Amylase) and an innovative system of surfactants allows excellent cleaning of thermostable and heat-sensitive instruments of any kind. Schulke & Mayr Gigazyme® disinfectant is labeled according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: 5 - 15% non-ionic surfactants, enzymes, perfumes.

Dilute Gigazyme® in tap water (eg 10ml Gigazyme in 990ml water = 1%, 5ml Gigazyme® in 995ml water = 0.5%) Depending on the degree of contamination, 0.5% -1% is sufficient for most cases. In case of extreme pollution, the concentration can be increased up to 10%


  • Triple enzyme surface cleaner
  • Suitable for disinfection of endoscopes and surgical instruments
  • Innovative system of surfactants
  • It does not create foam
  • It leaves no residue
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Liquid form
  • Density: approx. 1.00 g / cm3
  • pH: approx. 7
  • Color: blue
  • Packing: 2lt

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