Schulke & Mayr Gigasept PAA high level disinfectant 5lt

Schulke & Mayr Gigasept PAA high level disinfectant 5lt
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Ready to use high-level disinfectant Schulke & Mayr Gigasept® PAA based in two components for the disinfection of flexible endoscopes and medical instruments

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The Schulke & Mayr Gigasept® PAA tool disinfectant is ready to use without the need to disassemble, for easy and quick disinfection of ophthalmic equipment or surgical instruments made of stainless steel. It does not contain aldehydes, has wide microbiological effectiveness and can be applied to heat sensitive devices.

Schulke & Mayr Gigasept® PAA disinfectant is active immediately and stable over 7 days or 50cycles. The solution can be tested using gigasept® PAA test strips otherwise, please respect your particular conditions of use, local guidelines and regulations. Always ensure the pre-cleaning of the endoscope and complete wetting of the surfaces. Immerse hollow objects in such a way that air escapes completely from the lumen. After the necessary contact, time rinse carefully with sterile or filtered water before re-use. gigasept® PAA can be used in semi-automated endoscope reprocessors that are compatible with peracetic acid. Please check the compatibility of endoscopes and reprocessors with peracetic acid. Avoid the mixing of gigasept® PAA with other products (cleaner, disinfectants), particularly with aldehydes or derivates of halogens (e.g. glutaral, sodium hypochlorite, etc.). Do not dilute gigasept® PAA.

Schulke & Mayr Gigasept® PAA disinfectant is ready for use without the need for dissolution and its pH is neutral to achieve the highest possible compatibility with materials. It consists of two components: A (white container) 5gr of active peracetic acid in 100gr, and B (red container) potassium hydroxide corrosion inhibitor. Labeling in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 648/2004: Component A (white container) contains <5% nonionic surfactants and component B (red container) contain <5% phosphates. Gigasept® PAA contains 0.1 active, stabilized balanced peracetic acid and 3.3 g of hydrogen peroxide.

Characteristics of the Schulke & Mayr Gigasept® PAA high-level disinfectant 5lt:

  • High power disinfectant
  • Aldehyde free
  • Ready to use without the need for dissolution
  • Suitable for stainless steel tools
  • Density: 1.02 g / ml
  • pH: approx. 4
  • Colorless
  • Liquid form
  • 5lt canister
EfficacyConcentrationContact time
Bactericidal (ΕΝ 14561) 20 °C 5 minutes
Mycobactericidal (ΕΝ 14563/ΕΝ14348) 20 °C 5 minutes
Fungicidal (ΕΝ 14562) 20 °C 5 minutes
Sporicidal (ΕΝ 14347/ΕΝ13704 20 °C 5 minutes
Virucidal(ΕΝ 14476) 20 °C 5 minutes
Yeasticidal (ΕΝ 13624, ΕΝ 14562) 20 °C 5 minutes

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