Ultrasonic Ionic Humidifier JC-491

Ultrasonic Ionic Humidifier JC-491
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An economical solution for cleaning the air in any room in your home or office, with potential dampening!

Joycare - Ultrasonic Ionic Humidifier 
  • Purifies the environment with the ionizer
  • Emits negative ions which attach themselves to positive ions(generated by many electrical appliances and found in cigarette smoke and other fumes), purifying the air in the room
  • Cool mist ultrasonic technology
  • Sprays water mist silently
  • Maintains correct humidity in the room
  • Recommended for children’s rooms
  • Guarantees water hygiene
  • A ceramic ball filter softens hard water
  • TIMER function: possibility of setting humidification at 2 / 8 / 12 hours
  • 4 levels of mist emission/intensity
  • Adjustable mist nozzle
  • Relax night light
  • Water level security sensor which turns off the appliance automatically when the tank is empty
  • Capacity of removable tank: 5.8 litres
  • Power: 32W
30 cm
34 cm
30 cm
5 kg