Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT Cryotherapy

Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT Cryotherapy
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Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT is a high performance cryotherapy device which is setting the new standards in cryotherapy

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The Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT device is setting new standards in Cryotherapy, since it's proven effective for faster rehabilitation from acute trauma.

The innovative Biofeedback system does not only measures the temperature of the treatment area, but adjusts the airflow controlling the temperature and keeping constant throughout the course of treatment.

The device application possibilities are impressive:

Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant.

The Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT device is trolley, suitable for treatment with continuous supply of cold air (1000 lt / min at 10 levels) to -32o C.

Features GTS system (guided therapy) rich list of protocols that cover the entire spectrum of pathologies. The large backlit LCD screen and the easy to use menu in 7 languages ​​makes the device very user friendly.

The Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT device has a hoist arm, which allows the support of the air delivery head thereby providing more comfort and safety during the therapy.

Typical applications:

Physiotherapy rehabilitation from diseases, such as sprains, tendonitis, lumbago, sciatica, edema, cervical disease, rheumatic diseases, neurological diseases, sports injuries, orthopedic cases etc.

Additionally, the Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT Equipped with intelligent solutions for your comfort:

  •     35 pre-programmed settings based on indications or objectives
  •     User friendly; no refilling required
  •     Short treatment duration due to powerful temperature reduction
  •     Various nozzles depending on the area to be treated
  •     2 treatment methods: static and handsfree or dynamic and manual

The Gymna Cryoflow ICE-CT device is an ideal complement to the Shockwave ShockMaster devices 500 and 300.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (H x D x W cm): 68,7 x 56,9 x 111,7
Weight (kg): 90
Maximum airflow: 1000l/min
Infrared feedback system: Controlled temperature skin measurement
Cold air: -32°
Air control: 10 levels
Cooling circuit: Maintenance free, closed circuit
Noise level: 72dBA at air stage 10
Screen: LCD display

90 kg