Chattanooga ColPac C-5 chilling unit

Chattanooga Colpac C-5 chilling unit
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Chattanooga ColPac C-5 chilling unit made of stainless steel, welded for longer life. With large capacity and faster chilling time for excellent service

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Chattanooga ColPac C-5 chilling unit is simple and easy to operate. It has large capacity and faster chilling time which means that your patients will never have to wait for a ColPac. The chilling unit helps you keep pace throughout a busy day. No plumbing required, simply plug into a standard electrical outlet. The unit may be left connected to the electrical outlet, providing a ready supply of chilled ColPacs

Chattanooga ColPac C-5 chilling unit is equipped with a hydraulic capillary type thermostat in order to maintain the proper ColPac temperature evenly in the chilling chamber. It is located in the rear of the unit, behind the removable panel. The refrigeration system of the ColPac master chilling unit has been adjusted, tested and calibrated to chill the ColPacs to a temperature between 10° F to 21° F (-6° C to -12° C). Extensive clinical testing and observation have shown this to be the optimum temperature range. A slight adjustment can be made by removing the rear panel and turning the adjustment knob on the thermostat.

Chattanooga ColPac C-5 chilling unit is made of stainless steel, welded for longer life. The Closed-cell foam insulation and the heavy-duty compressor offer more efficient cooling. Specially designed interior chilling coils cool packs faster. Chattanooga ColPac C-5 chilling unit has 8 cm (3”) swivel-type rubber casters for silent, friction-free movement of mobile units. It also has drain valve for easy cleaning and defrosting. It is provided with 6 blue vinyl - standard size 28cm x 36cm and 6 blue vinyl - half size 19cm x 28cm.

Technical specifications:

Rated Voltage: 220-240 V
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz
Current: 2 Amps
Circuit Breaker: 10 Amp
Work: 14914 KWh or 1/5 hp
Type of Refrigerant :R-134A
Amount of Refrigerant :C-5, 198 g (7 oz.)
Test Pressures:
High, 1.62 Mpa (235 psi)
Low, 1.03 Mpa (150 psi)
Temperature, Normal Operating: -12° C to -6° C (+10° F to +21° F)
Electrical Safety Class: Type B
Safety Tests: EN 60601-1
Dimensions: 84 x 69 x 39 cm
Weight: 74 kg

74 kg
Data sheet
74 kg
1 year
39 cm
84 cm
69 cm