ScottCare Holter Chroma Recorder

ScottCare Holter Chroma Recorder
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ScottCare Chroma Holter Digital Color Recorder with 7 leadwire cable for 3 channel recording  that comes with pouch, arm band & belt clip

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In addition to being alive with dynamic color, the ScottCare Holter Chroma recorder provides uncompromising clinical and technical performance in a thin, lightweight package. 

 ScottCare Holter Chroma recorder sets a new level of performance for Holter recorders and associated software functionality.  ScottCare Holter Chroma recorder has been designed to deliver unparalleled benefits to patients, clinicians, and researchers. 

Featuring a number of industry firsts:

  • The large, bright color OLED display of ScottCare Holter Chroma recorder facilitates ease of use
  • Audible and visual patient lead disconnection and medication/activity reminders on ScottCare Holter Chroma recorder
  • Test strips for hook-up compliance needs
  • Fully-customizable recorder interface and controls
  • Superior ScottCare Holter Chroma recorder pacer detection with adjustable sensitivity for the latest pacemaker technology
  •  Records up to 21 days of continuous, 3-channel, ECG data

Smart Technology Fetures preserve data integrity 

  • Superior ECG baseline correction results in “cleaner” data
  • Smart cable detection between 5 and 7 lead, with display of the appropriate lead placement based on the cable attached
  • Automatic recorder set-up through direct HL7 interface  – downloads patient demographic data directly into the recorder
  • Adjustable data sample rates from 128sps to 1024sps with 8, 10 and 13 bit resolution for the most demanding clinical requirements

Easy access to recorded data

  • Choice of direct USB data download or removable data memory card 
  • Fast download of ECG  data – in less than 15 seconds, with automated analysis in under 50 seconds 

Ensure compliance with “patient- friendly” ScottCare Holter Chroma recorder features

  • Easy-to-use, color coded digital diary eliminates paper diary transcription
  • Selectable audible notification for lead disconnect and patient reminders, such as medication times  
  • On-screen hook-up chart with visual guidance for proper electrode placement and lead disconnect indication 
  • User selectable languages include: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Dutch, Finnish and Danish 
  • Belt-clip, arm band or disposable pouches for patient comfort 
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