Polar V800 GPS sports watch

Polar V800 GPS sports watch
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Polar V800 GPS sports watch is made for professional and devoted athletes who want to reach peak performance.

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Polar V800 allows you to maximize the return on your training or professional level or amateur. With unique features for training, coaching multiple sports for real-time training and in-depth analysis, the Polar V800 is the ultimate choice for the most demanding athletes. Combine it with the heart rate sensor Polar H7 for heart rate while swimming, to see training intensity and recovery time than that.

The Polar V800 logs all workouts and physical activity throughout the day, allowing an understanding of your workout better and improve your goals. Provides the ability to record your speed, distance and your route with integrated GPS and workouts in multiple sports in one workout and their changing times. E.g. Triathlon.

The device also provides the option of full configuration settings for the workout and can record heart rate even in water, in combination with the heart rate sensor. Combined with the free application Polar Flow, allows you to accurately record your workout, as does compatibility with the sensors Polar Bluetooth Smart running and cycling allows your workout.

The Polar V800 after each workout shows the intensity and recovery time. In summary workout shows the effect of each workout and an estimate of the time it will take to replenish essential body energy (carbohydrates and proteins) in order to start your new workout.

In the Web service Flow, create sports profiles and special screenings for different sports. Organize and analyze every detail of your training and learn more about your performance. The Flow application is available for mobile phones, through the application you can get a quick visual overview of your workout and analyze your performance. Follow your activity 24/7 and understand how you sleep and how you rest in your sleep. Finally, an important advantage is the easy synchronization with Bluetooth Smart.

The heart monitors Polar V800 has some great features that will help you evaluate your physical abilities, one of them is standing test which is an easy and reliable test to determine your status. It shows how your heart rate reacts to training and factors such as stress and disease. Performing the test regularly, you will learn what to expect from your heart rate and what can affect it. You can then customize your workout by allowing your body to restore exactly when needed.

Another important feature that the Polar V800 is the Smart calorie calculator Polar OwnCal, the most accurate calorie calculator in the market, calculates the number of calories burned. The calculation is based on your individual data: weight, height, age, gender and intensity of your physical activity. Smart Calories are available in heart rate and activity monitoring devices.

Also, heart rate zones provide an easy way to select and monitor the intensity of your workout and monitor heart rate-based training programs. The default heart rate zones are divided into five zones based on the percentage of your maximum heart rate. Very mild (50-60% HRmax), mild (60-70% HRmax), moderate (70-80% HRmax), hard (80-90% HRmax) and maximum (90-100% HRmax). You can also set the zones you want.

Finally, with Polar V800 set your recovery level find the ideal balance between training and rest and see the true picture of the recovery level before starting the next workout. The recovery level is based on summation of the burden of all your activities both the training and the simple daily. The continuous monitoring of the recovery level helps you plan your training so that you avoid overtraining or inadequate training.

The case Polar V800 is made from stainless steel and aluminum, Thickness: 12.7 mm and weighs only 79 gr. It features a large, conspicuous display with high contrast, highly resistant to scratches from glass "Gorilla". The screen is black and optimized for low light conditions. Is altitude indicator and ascent and descent through a barometric altimeter. Battery life is approximately 14 hours.

The package includes a USB cable for charging and data transfer, and the total package weight is at 453g.

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