Beurer PM90 heart rate monitor

Beurer PM90 heart rate monitor
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Heart rate monitor by Beurer with altitude measurement.

The Heart meter PM90 is ideal for all outdoor sports activities, even with variations in altitude, and it can calculate. Furthermore, the Heart PM90 is suitable for swimming as it is water resistant to 50 m. 

It has Led (LEDs) for alarm and is compatible with Speedbox sensor calculation speed is not included in the package. It has the ability to measure accurately the heartbeat and performs digital signal transduction for zero losses! Moreover, it shows average heart rate, maximum heart rate, calories (kcal) and fat (g / oz) consumed with exercise. Features test fitness and calculates the rate of metabolism.

Can be connected to a computer. Included software EasyFit who designs and record exercise and helps the user to weight management. It has 5 levels of fitness, stores up to 50 laps, enables alerts, displays the time, date and day of the week and works with battery 3V CR2025. 

Moreover, it offers an automatic training program and included in the storage bag, bicycle rack and rubber skin-friendly strap Breast embedded sensors for estimating the heart rate. It has CE certification and 2 years warranty. EAN/Item no: 4211125/676.10/0

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